Solar Systems (idle) factory

5 10 2009

Here are some photos of the deserted Solar Systems factory in Abbotsford. This is where the revolutionary concentrated solar photovoltaic arrays were to be manufactured.

Solar 002

As you can see, it is a brand-spanking new facility that is ready to start delivering the solar technology that we urgently need to transition from dirty, polluting, greenhouse-intensive coal to clean, modern renewable energy.

Solar 003

The technology for the proposed solar plant near Mildura – capable of supplying almost all of Mildura’s electricity demand – would have been produced at this facility. This would secure the jobs of around 100 workers in the City of Yarra in addition to creating over 1000 construction jobs in Mildura, injecting a valuable boost into the local economy of both communities.

Solar 004




One response

7 10 2009

It really makes me angry that the government seems able — and perfectly happy — to bail out banks and help the car industry, but can’t seem to find anything to invest in an industry like Solar Systems which is really an essential industry for the future. In addition, it would probably cost a lot less to keep Solar Systems from going under than it took to bail out the banks. Also, with the popularity of solar generated electricity, the factory would certainly be able to trade its way out of its financial problems very quickly.

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