The lamentable state of solar policy in Australia

7 10 2009

This article captures the state of solar energy policy in Australia at present.

Solar sector held back by foggy energy policy, The Australian, 28 September 2009

The following is an excerpt from the article:

Germany now possesses the intellectual property and the manufacturing and export capacity that is expected to make it one of the three dominant global players in an industry that will be worth tens of billion dollars a year. It now has 50,000 employees in the solar industry. Australia, with the best solar conditions in the world, and the home of some of its best technological developments, has little more than 1000, and no manufacturing capacity to speak of.

The article also details how the Federal Government’s 2006 “Low Emissions Technology Demonstration Fund” was allocated:

  • $75m to Solar Systems (now withdrawn)
  • $100m to HRL, a company that has developed a drying processĀ to reduce emissions from brown coal
  • $100m in total to two other coal-related technologies
  • $60m to the carbon capture and storage facility under development for the Barrow Island Gorgon gas project

Enough said.




One response

8 10 2009

Very interesting. Good to see that solar panels are coming into their own now in so many more areas of life.

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