A few words of support from the lovely Miss Eagle.

14 10 2009

Thank you Miss Eagle for posting this on your fantastic blog:

The follow-up rally will be held in Melbourne at 5.30pm on Friday 30 October, the day that the administration phase is due to wrap up. Supporters are asked to assemble on the steps of Parliament House (details as per above) and march through the city to a prominent politician’s office (TBA) to demand that Solar Systems will continue to operate.

Miss Eagle’s bet is that it will be the office of Martin Ferguson, the Federal Minister for Resources and Energy after he was quoted in this article as saying

solar photovoltaic energy – which converts sunlight directly to electricity – is not a renewable energy answer.

Dear Networkers, please be aware of the irony in all this.  The third richest man in China, Dr Zhengrong Shi, founder of solar panel manufacturer Suntech Power, learned his stuff at the University of New South Wales. He took his knowledge back to China (yes, I know, bigger population) and made a fortune.  Australians have been tinkering with solar technology for decades with little support from governments or corporations.  We have yet to make the technology pay and have it become widely implemented and bedded down domestically, commercially, and industrially.

Further Reading:

Support for Solar Systems technology, and Australian renewable energy




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